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I like working with teams who make products come to life. Before focusing on full stack web app development, I was on the Legal Team at SoundCloud. I have also worked on several contract projects, from independently released video games to prime time television programs to art gallery installations.

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A full stack single page web app inspired by 500px that was built with React/Redux and Ruby on Rails. Has a custom user authentication pattern that implements BCrypt for end-to-end security, utilizes Paperclip/AWS for photo uploading, and has a Follow feature through ActiveRecord associations.

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A music application that provides four digital instruments on one keyboard, allowing multiple people to improvise synchronously. Utilizes the Tone.js library for digital synthesis, and the samples were created with Logic Pro X. I am in the process of adding a sequencer and refactoring the code so that it makes use of my custom DOM manipulation library, DOMinateJS.

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A D3 data visualization and research project that breaks down the best selling video games of all time by their publisher, developer, and franchise.

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