React • Ruby on Rails • JavaScript • HTML5/CSS3 • SQL

From DOS games to open-source digital audio workstations, I’ve been interested in computer software for as long as I can remember. My most recent position was at SoundCloud, where I had the invaluable experience of working with one of the most disruptive media platforms in the tech industry.


A music sequencer designed for all ages. Built with JavaScript, it utilizes the Tone.js library for digital synthesis and samples created with Logic Pro X. It also includes a link to my last JavaScript music project, JamSync, a music application that maps four live digital instruments to the keyboard.


A full stack photo sharing web application inspired by 500px. Users can upload images, customize their profiles, discover other users' uploads, and follow users that they like. The languages and frameworks used in this project include React/Redux and Ruby on Rails. It was implemented with a RESTful API and a PostgreSQL database, utilizing npm for package management. The uploaded images are hosted on an AWS bucket using the Paperclip Ruby gem.


A D3 data visualization of a research project that breaks down the best selling video games of all time by their publisher, developer, and franchise. This visualization illustrates how consolidated best selling games are amongst the largest publishers and a limited number of franchises.